Coaching & Training

Certified training programmes to improve processes and standards in customer handling and orientation

Management and staff trainings as drivers for improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues throughout the entire automotive value chain

Our practice-oriented expert trainings in either our own training facilities or on-site at the manufacturer's/dealer’s premises, enable us to transfer standardised quality processes, best practices and success stories regarding customer handling into the people's daily work and behaviour. Hence, top-quality customer handling by well-trained staff is crucial to increase revenues and profits, exploit the full market potential, attract new customers, keep existing customers satisfied and loyal, and improve the overall financial performance of the business.

Training portfolio

  • Management and dealer principal / owner trainings (management, business administration)
  • Sales manager trainings (new vehicles, fleet, used vehicles, management)
  • Sales force trainings (new vehicles, fleet, used vehicles)
  • Workshop manager trainings (management, warranty)
  • Service receptionist / advisor trainings (customer handling and approach, complaints management, labour and parts & accessories sales, interactive customer/vehicle reception, processes)
  • Service staff trainings (customer handling and approach, processes)
  • Parts manager trainings (parts & accessories sales, customer handling and approach, inventory management)
  • Zone managers and back-office trainings for manufacturer and importer staff (communication skills, conflict management, specialist training)

Benefits for manufacturers, importers and dealers

  • Optimised deployment and use of human resources (return on investment)
  • Reinforced customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Incremental revenues and improved return on investment (e.g. through add-on sales of service & repair work, parts & accessories, finance & insurance services and others)
  • Development and implementation of sustainable processes, workflows and structures to safeguard the future
  • Increased market shares, market presence and brand awareness
  • Nurture the "sales instinct" of service staff
  • Improved dealer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Qualification of staff in both technical skills and overall capabilities leading towards increased staff motivation and satisfaction