New Vehicle & Fleet Sales

New vehicle and fleet sales solutions for vehicle manufacturers, importers and dealers

Sustainable revenue growth through targeted dealer coaching or by means of an outsourced sales team in the dealer network

Our automotive experts either act (equipped with targeted sales training and coaching programmes) as sales coaches for dealers and OEM zone managers or can operate as an outsourced sales team on behalf of the manufacturer/importer within the dealer network with the aim of:

  • acquiring new end and fleet customers
  • increasing new vehicle sales volumes
  • maximizing the exploitation of the market potential
  • generating higher profits per sold vehicle

Benefits for manufacturers, importers and dealers

  • Optimised deployment and use of human resources (return on investment)
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reinforcement of the brand and creation of brand value in the fleet sales business
  • Increased sales volumes and revenues (fleets, rental companies, business customers)
  • Stabilized and improved residual values
  • Steering of the fleet sales department as a proper profit centre with KPI-based management
  • Increased market shares
  • Improved efficiency in the dealership through process and interfaces optimisation
  • Development and implementation of sustainable processes, workflows and structures to safeguard the future
  • Incremental revenues and improved return on investment (through e.g. add-on sales of service & repair work, parts & accessories, finance & insurance services and others)

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