Customer Retention, Recovery & Satisfaction

Customer retention and customer recovery – how it really works

Maximum exploitation of sales potential and business growth through sustainable customer retention and active recovery of lapsed customers

DEKRA Consulting Customer Value Management (CVM) is an integrated package of training and coaching measures, supported by customer contact centres and a web-based IT solution. CVM helps manufacturers and dealers significantly reinforce customer retention and increase the revenues per customer over the entire customer lifecycle.

Based on the brand's or dealer's customer database, the end-customers are segmented according to their "value" and stage in the "vehicle ownership cycle". Purchase intentions and service requirements are determined according the available customer data and information on vehicle age, service history and mileage. So-called "customers-at-risk” receive high attention in the CVM-programme. These are customers who have not visited the dealership (for a maintenance or a repair) in a timeframe of more than one year and whose loyalty to the dealership and the brand may need to be strengthened and reinstated.

Based on this intelligent insight in the customer’s “status”, targeted actions plans are developed in close collaboration with the manufacturer and the dealership. The actions precisely address the potential needs and interests of the relevant customers.

A few examples

Customer profile 1 – all customers with a vehicle older than three years or mileage of over 75,000 miles / 120,000 km

  • Targeted new and used vehicle marketing campaigns performed by the DEKRA customer contact centre
  • For the sales staff: training and coaching focussed on improving the collaboration with the service department. The aim is to coach the sales people in actively approaching customers (during their service visit) and presenting them tailored sales offers (new or used vehicles).
  • For the service staff: training and coaching focussed on proactively offering appropriate replacement or demo vehicles to service customers; vehicles which perfectly match the customer’s requirements profile with the aim to promote new and used vehicle sales.

Customer profile 2 – all vehicles that are due for maintenance soon

  • DEKRA customer contact centres (with direct access to dealership workshop planning) proactively contact these customers by telephone (on behalf of the manufacturer or dealership) and arrange / book service appointments
  • These customer contact centres use the opportunity of the contact with the customer to actively promote e.g. winter/summer promotions, accessories, extended warranty, financing and insurance
  • Furthermore the customer contact centres can conduct the follow-up calls and interview the service customers re. their satisfaction after the workshop visit (CSI).

Through the use of a web-based IT tool manufacturers and dealers can monitor the CVM-programme performance results and analyse customised or consolidated customer contact reports 24/7.

Benefits for manufacturers, importers and dealerships

  • Increased dealership traffic and revenue per customer
  • Increased revenues in service: labour hours and parts & accessories
  • Increased sales volumes of new and used vehicles
  • Increased sales volumes per potential customer
  • Optimised workshop capacity utilisation and productivity
  • Increased customer loyalty and active prevention of customers lapsing
  • Improved cost/benefit scoring of marketing campaigns