Bodyshop & Paint

The "rediscovery" of the bodyshop & paint business as attractive market segment and revenue generator for vehicle manufacturers, importers, dealers and repair shops

Bodyshop & paint service: an anchor for professional and lucrative damage claims management in the dealership

The market conditions for bodyshop & paint deteriorate significantly by the decline in claims frequency and increasing damage control. The requirements towards the people skills, infrastructure and specialised tools in the bodyshop & paint departments are steadily increasing due to increasingly complex techniques and new materials. Nevertheless, a professionally managed bodyshop & paint business represents an excellent opportunity to generate a competitive advantage for the brand and the dealership.

Our bodyshop & paint experts support the dealers and repair shops on-site. They support them in the analysis of their current after sales situation, assist the planning and implementation of required actions and permanently monitor and control the performance in order to set-up a new or improve the existing bodyshop & paint business leading to:

  • Recaptured market potential and increased market shares for manufacturers, importers and dealers
  • A bodyshop & paint business as a strong, independent and successful profit centre in the dealership
  • Broader service offering with improved customer focus and service quality

Benefits for manufacturers, importers and dealerships

  • Reinforcement of the brand and creation of brand value in bodyshop & paint services and smart repairs
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through a targeted and service oriented customer focus
  • Development of a close cooperation and business partnership with towing and insurance companies
  • Increased workshop traffic and revenue per customer
  • Boosted sales of labour hours and parts & accessories per customer / repair order
  • Increased sales of new and used vehicles through interface optimisation between the departments after sales, bodyshop & paint and vehicle sales
  • Improved workshop planning and performance (productivity, capacity utilisation and repair quality)
  • Optimised parts stock-turn, reduced “days-in-stock” and increased gross margins
  • Steering of the bodyshop & paint department as a proper profit centre with KPI-based management