Warranty Management

Professional warranty management: reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction

Despite the significant progress made regarding vehicle quality and reliability, warranty remains an important – but often expensive – customer retention instrument for the automotive industry. The warranty management solutions of DEKRA Consulting offer manufacturers and dealers all over the world the required expertise to effectively and efficiently manage their warranty activities.

The DEKRA warranty solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of both the manufacturers and the dealers in order to achieve a service standard which gives the brand a competitive advantage.

Therefore, our warranty solutions cover every aspect of the warranty process. DEKRA Consulting provides a comprehensive analysis and assessment process which reveals and optimises the root causes of warranty costs in the manufacturer's and dealer's organisation:

  • Development and/or revision of the manufacturer's warranty policy and processes incl. the related implementation and management of warranty processes in the dealer network
  • Analysis, assessment and approval of warranty and goodwill claims/repairs
  • Check, analysis and optimisation of warranty processes within the dealer network
  • Warranty training
  • Technical and warranty hotlines provide technical support to dealers and repairers, manage warranty repair pre-approval processes and organise the goodwill on behalf of the manufacturer
  • Warranty audits in the dealer network

Benefits to manufacturers, importers, dealerships and workshops

  • Significantly reduced warranty expenditure
  • Reduced amount of inappropriate / disproportionate repair work (working hours)
  • Minimised repeat repairs and repeat visits
  • Improved workshop efficiency, capacity utilization and productivity
  • Increased dealer and customer satisfaction
  • Fewer unnecessarily replaced / exchanged parts ("non-error" parts)
  • Less vehicle and part recall campaigns
  • Accelerated information flow from the market to the OEM-engineers to fix the problem at the source (in the production or vehicle design process)
  • Faster recognition of training needs in the dealer network
  • Geographically flexible and cost-efficient implementation of technical trainings