Market Research & Field Data/Potential Analysis

Targeted and successful marketing of products and services

For any product or service it is critical that the quality meets – or ideally exceeds – the customer's expectations right from the first time. Every customer contact is decisive and determines whether a customer will come back or not, and whether the customer would voluntarily undertake positive word-of-mouth-marketing by recommending the dealership in his surroundings. The quality of the service, products and related processes, as well as providing the customer with tailored offers are all elements which determine the level of business success:

  • Where is the need and potential for performance improvement?
  • Are customer expectations exceeded?
  • In which areas or services is the competition stronger?

The challenge in market research and analysis is to both measure and assess the hard facts in combination with accurately capturing the soft elements – thus, the customer's subjective opinion.

Benefits for manufacturers, importers and dealers

For a company to be able to market products and services in a targeted and successful manner, it must know its market and customers meticulously. DEKRA Consulting provides automotive companies detailed insights on:

  • Market potential amongst brand disloyal customers
  • Regional segmentation incl. sizing of these segments (in particular segments II and III)
  • Long-term quality analysis of vehicles (down to component level)
  • Benchmarking
  • Definition of drivers and forecasting of market behaviour/trends
  • Costing

Drawing on our years of experience in mystery shopping, audits and market research we support our customers in multiple areas of research and put the highest value on the impartialness and neutrality of our research results. In our research and analyses activies we utilise and benchmark the largest pool of vehicle data available in the country.