Business & Performance Management

Business and performance management

Structured, profitable growth

Business and performance management refers to the ongoing process of improving the operational and financial performance of a company, with the overriding goal to increase its corporate value. The major challenge is to discover and steer the drivers that generate sustainable revenue and profit.

By means of the DEKRA Business and Performance Management System (BPMS), DEKRA Consulting offers a comprehensive service and methodology which allows the steering of drivers for business success of a vehicle dealership. The following chart illustrates the content and structure of BPMS.

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The fundamental prerequisite for optimising the business operations of the company is a clearly defined strategic focus. In line with the approach "structure follows strategy", the selection of the brand(s), the company's location, its product & services portfolio and the organisational structure need to be aligned to the defined strategy and must be supported by the implementation of the adequate management systems.

The crucial lever for revenue maximisation is the combination of cost reduction and improvement of the business performance. Especially, the optimised steering of working capital is an important driver for - ofter very costly - financing of vehicle and parts inventories in dealerships. Efficiency gains in the value creation for customers and optimised cost structures, through tighter control and professional management of sales and after sales processes, are other success factors for reinforcing the competitive position of a dealership.

One of todays major challenges for dealerships is the acquisition of new customers and retaining existing customers - thus customer loyalty. In this regard, the systematic market exploitation provides a unique opportunity for increasing sales performance and establishing sustained, yet profitable customer relationships. In this respect, the creation of value propositions and pricing structures, which are differentiated for each customer group, are important management instruments.

The areas of operational and strategic optimisation which were mentioned above are brought together in the BPMS consulting programme. The targeted application of the BPMS modules reveals the areas of performance improvement and makes the business potential tangible. The activities in each BPMS module focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) which are immediately related to the revenue and profit optimisation of the dealership. The contribution and added value of our consulting service is immediately linked and measured against the improvement of the dealership’s KPI scores and achieved revenues.