DEKRA PSR Hydraulic Fluids

DEKRA Product-specific Rules (PSR)

for Assessments and Declarations in the Product Category Hydraulic Fluids

This DEKRA Product-specific Rules (PSR) document is used by consultants authorised by DEKRA Consulting GmbH in order to check documents and processes in the course of technical advisory services.

The objective of the consultation using Product-specific Rules is the continuous improvement of processes for product development in view of changing needs on markets, an enhanced co-operation along supply chains, and a more transparent and auditable declaration of the resulting product features.

The use of this DEKRA PSR will help manufacturers and users of hydraulic fluids improve transparency with regard to sustainability-related performance criteria of these products. To this aim, we offer a verification and declaration of the relevant criteria.

Overview of Criteria

Ageing and Oxidation Stability Product Stewardship and
Product-related Aims
Compatibility with Materials
and Components
Process for Product
Risk Assessment
Influence on Fuel Consumption Integrated Management System
Biological Degradability Supply Chain Management
Eco-toxicity and Impacts on
Plant Growth
Product Safety Training
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Transparency and Additional
Product Information

The status of the following document is »Probationary Product-specific Rules (PSR)« (stakeholder consultation). – If you are interested, please get in touch with us: your experiences, hints and comments will inform the further development of this PSR document. This document is property of DEKRA Consulting GmbH. It is made publicly available for purposes of information of stakeholders about the procedures and requirements of the technical advisory services described herein.

DEKRA Consulting GmbH accepts no liability for any unauthorised distribution or use of these rules and possibly resulting damages. DEKRA Consulting GmbH may take legal action to prevent such unauthorised use or distribution by third parties.

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